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An overview of the congress programme (programme at a Glance) is given here

Scientific Topics

The main topics of the sessions for the Congress are:

  • Surface Science
  • Nanometer Science
  • Applied Surface Science
  • Thin Films
  • Electronic Materials
  • Advanced Surface Engineering
  • Plasma Science and Technology
  • Vacuum Science
The detailed list of topics, used for abstract classification, is found here.

Special Sessions
  • Low-temperature scanning probe microscopy. This special session is organised by Don Eigler, USA, featuring many of the world’s leading scientists in this field. There will be 19 oral presentations, with the following invited speakers: Maki Kawai, Joseph A Stroscio, Roland Wiesendanger, Klaus Ensslin, Hari Manoharan, Markus Ternes, Don Eigler and Klaus Kern. I addition, the following plenary speakers will give talks related to LT-SPM: Robert M Westervelt, Daniel Rugar, JC Séamus Davis and Wilson Ho.
  • Advanced light sources, organised by Nils Mårtensson and Mats Larsson, Sweden. This session focuses on developments in synchrotron radiation and short-wavelength free-electron lasers (FEL). Invited speakers here are: Chi-chang Kao, Henning Poulsen, Gerhard Materlik, Winfried Decking, and Tsumoru Shintake
  • Fusion and ITER, organised by Marek Rubel, Sweden. The invited speakers are: Guy Matthews, Russell Doerner, Thomas Todd, David Murdoch, Dennis Whyte, Rudolf Neu, and Tetsuo Tanabe.
  • Education in nano and vacuum based science, organised by Knut Deppert, Sweden. The invited speakers are: Aldrin Sweeney, Ineke Malsch, Rüdiger Faust and Steffi Friedrichs.
  • Emerging hot topic – Nanowires, organised by Knut Deppert, Sweden. The invited speakers are: Frances M. Ross, Magnus Borgström, Junichi Motohisa and Mikael T. Björk.

Please note that more special sessions may be added. Check this page and the news page for updates.

The official language of the Congress is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

The programme is preliminary; the organisers reserve the right to alter the programme if and as is deemed necessary. The IVC-17/ICSS-13 and ICN + T 2007 Congress and/or its agents have the right for any reason beyond their control to alter or to cancel, without prior notice, the Congress or any of the arrangements, time tables, plans or other items relating directly or indirectly to the IVC-17/ICSS-13 and ICN + T 2007 Congress. The IVC-17/ICSS-13 and ICN + T 2007 Congress and/or its agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expenditure or inconvenience caused as a result of such alteration or cancellation.

Scientific Secretariat

For questions about the scientific programme please contact

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