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Invitation to Exhibition & Sponsorship

Your company is hereby cordially invited to participate as a sponsor or as an exhibitor in the joint congress of:

17th International Vacuum Congress (IVC-17)
13th International Conference on Surface Science (ICSS-13)
International Conference on Nanoscience
and Technology (ICN+T 2007)

6th Nordic Conference on Surface Science (NCSS6)
22nd Nordic Semiconductor Meeting (NSM22)
4th Swedish Meeting on Vacuum and Materials Science (SVM-4)

This congress will be an important global event and will take place at Stockholm International Fairs in the beginning of July when Stockholm shows itself from its most beautiful side.

The aim of the congress and the exhibition is for professionals within academic research, industry and exhibiting companies to get together, take part in recent scientific findings and to share information in the field of materials and nano sciences. We are expecting approximately 2000-3000 delegates to attend the congress.

The main topics of the sessions for the congress are:

  • Surface Science
  • Nanometer Science
  • Applied Surface Science
  • Thin Films
  • Electronic Materials
  • Advanced Surface Engineering
  • Plasma Science and Technology
  • Vacuum Science

The invited speakers will be leading researchers and new material for data storage in novel computers and frontline development in catalytic processes exhaust gas cleaners for cars are examples of presentations.

 New material for data storage in novel computers and frontline development in catalytic processes exhaust gas cleaners for cars are examples of presentations.

The Stockholm International Fairs is the leading exhibition centre in Scandinavia. The venue is well known for major international fairs and large global congresses and offers excellent conditions for exhibitions. You will find ideal meeting places, from small meeting rooms to large conference halls. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the daily late afternoon poster sessions as well as morning and afternoon coffee brakes and lunches.

IVC-17/ICSS-13/ICN+T 2007/NCSS-6/NSM-22/SVM-4 offers you, as an exhibitor, the opportunity to meet your target group face to face and present your latest products. You will be able to create new business contacts and find new clients, no matter if you are from industry looking for new applications or from university looking for industry contacts. Also venture capitalists, public institutions and networks are highly welcome. As a sponsor you have the possibility to expose your company to the target group within the field of materials and nano sciences. There are several opportunities for you to participate as a sponsor and/or exhibitor, please find further information under "Sponsorship opportunities"or Exhibition".

Welcome to Stockholm 2007!

Prof. Lars Westerberg
General Chair
Uppsala University
         Docent Anders HallÚn
Academic contact for sponsors & exhibitors
Royal Institute of Technology

Further general and technical information, advice and full details on all aspects of the exhibition, venue, organisers and ancillary services available to Exhibitors, will continuously be published on this site.

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Last update: 27 June 2007