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International Union of Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications  

Invited Speakers in alphabetic order

Plenary Speakers

The congress organisers are proud to present the following plenary speakers at the congress:

Masakazu Aono
NanoSystem Functionality Center, NIMS, Tsukuba, and ICORP Program, JST, Tokyo,
Scanning tunneling microscope and photons

J.C. Séamus Davis
Cornell University, Ithaca, United States
Formation, Structure and Interactions of the Electronic States in Copper-oxide High-Tc Superconductors

Albert Fert
CNRS, UMP CNRS-Thales, Palaiseau, France
Recent developments and perspective in spintronics

Wilson Ho
University of California, Irvine, United States
Atomic Scale Optical Phenomena

Leo Kouwenhoven
Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands
Quantum transport in semiconductor nanowires and carbon nanotubes

Cedric J. Powell
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, United States
Quantitative aspects of Auger electron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

Daniel Rugar
IBM Almaden Research Center, San José, United States
Detecting nuclear spins by magnetic resonance force microscopy

Lars Samuelson
Department of Solid State Physics, Lund University, Lund, Sweden
A narrow-minded approach to materials science and device physics: NANOWIRES

Gabor Somorjai
University of California, Berkeley, United States
Nanochemistry. The synthesis, characterization and reaction studies of metal (1–10nm) monodispersed nanoparticles

Robert M. Westervelt
Harvard University, Boston, United States
Imaging Electrons in Nanoscale Devices

D. Phil Woodruff
University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom
Understanding the interface structure of alkanethiolate layers on coinage metal surfaces


Invited Speakers

High temperature metalorganic vapor phase epitaxial growth of AlN and AlGaN for fabrication of high performance UV/DUV emitters

Hiroshi Amano

Development of high-speed atomic force microscope for studying biological macromolecule
Toshio Ando

Dynamics of nanostructures on surfaces revealed by high-resolution, fast-scanning STM
Flemming Besenbacher

Nanotribology, nanomechanics and materials characterization studies using scanning probe microscopy
Bharat Bhushan
United States

Characterization of organic films prepared by vacuum based techniques
Hynek Biederman
Czech Republic

Group-IV nanowire transistor structures
Mikael T. Björk

Imaging complex atomic-scale spin structures by spin-polarized STM
Matthias Bode
United States

Growth of III-V nanowires on Si
Magnus Borgström

LCLS design, construction status, and first experiments
John Bozek
United States

HIPIMS – properties and opportunities
Johan Böhlmark

The European Spallation Source - neutrons for material
Colin Carlile

Positioning of nanoparticles via electrodynamic focusing
Mansoo Choi
Republic of Korea

Material issues of SiGe and Ge CMOS technologies
Cor Claeys

Chemical pumping in large vacuum systems
Andrea Conte

Multilayer films and platelets for biomedical applications
Kent Coulter
United States

Diagnostics in low-temperature plasmas by laser spectroscopy: Expensive and difficult but worth all the trouble
Uwe Czarnetzki

Developments at the European x-ray free electron laser in Hamburg
Winfried Decking

Dressed states of superconducting qubits
Per Delsing

Knut Deppert

Surface investigations of metal oxides
Ulrike Diebold
United States

Domain-wall manipulations in ferromagnetic (Ga,Mn)As
Tomasz Dietl

Laboratory experiments for plasma wall interactions
Russell Doerner
United States

Solar blind detectors and arrays based on AlGAN
Jean-Yves Duboz

Arrays of microcavity plasma devices for display, biomedical, and photochemical applications
J. Gary Eden
United States

Don Eigler
United States

Scanning gate microscopy - how local does it get?
Klaus Ensslin

Nano education at the University of Kassel: The synergy between research and degree course
Rüdiger Faust

Water at a hydrophilic surface: Structure & transport
Peter J Feibelman
United States

EUV Optics
Torsten Feigl

Molecular-Level Investigations of Plasma Surface Modification of Polymers
Ellen R. Fisher
United States

Floating Gate Memory From Aerosol-Synthesized Silicon Nanoparticles
Richard Flagan
United States

On the conductance of single walled carbon nanotubes: ballistic, diffusive and localized regimes. Role of the electron-phonon interaction and defects
Fernando Flores

Friction Force Microscopy: what you see is what you (don’t) get
Joost W M Frenken

Metal atoms and model clusters on oxide surfaces: Electronic structure and reactivity
Hans-Joachim Freund

Finding the right education in nanotechnology – the IoN Nanotech Master’s Recognition scheme
Steffi Friedrichs
United Kingdom

Understanding and controlling of molecular structures on different surfaces
Hongjun Gao

Physics of Graphene
Andre Geim
United Kingdom

AFM technology beyond imaging: Applications towards personalized medical diagnostics
Christoph Gerber

The force microscope reunited with STM
Franz J Giessibl

Title to be announced
James Gimzewski
United States

Spin transport phenomena in layered magnetic structures: New results, unresolved questions
Peter A. Grünberg

Ionized physical vapor deposition (IPVD): Technology and applications
Jon T. Gudmundsson

Au clusters on reduced or oxidized TiO2 surfaces
Bjørk Hammer

Optical methods for diagnostics in plasmas
Gus Hancock
United Kingdom

Real-space observation of screened potential and the friedel oscillation by scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Yukio Hasegawa

Electronic transport at monolayers and atomic chains on silicon surfaces
Shuji Hasegawa

Nanomechanics in biology
Martin Hegner

Environmental surface chemistry: Ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy studies of the composition and chemistry of solution interfaces
John C. Hemminger
United States

The vacuum and surface physics of high average current photoemission electron sources
Carlos Hernandez-Garcia
United States

Low-dimensional electrons at metallic semiconductor surfaces
Franz Himpsel
United States

From atomic-scale structures to dynamic and electronic processes: the power of simulations in scanning tunneling microscopy
Werner Hofer
United Kingdom

First principles ammonia synthesis and decomposition over a Ru-based catalyst
Karoliina Honkala

Electronic band structure and many body effects in graphene
Karsten Horn

Quantum transport in single molecules
Jianguo Hou

Biological surface-modification of biomaterials for regenerative medicine
Yoshihiro Ito

III-V compound semiconductor nanowires and terahertz emission
Chennupati Jagadish

Interfaces at the nano scale and influence of magnetism
Börje Johansson

Extreme high vacuum measurements and calibrations
Karl Jousten

Microelectronics Research at NSLS
Chi-chang Kao
United States

Synthesis, structure and field emission properties of carbon nanobuds
Esko Kauppinen

Single molecule reaction via vibrational excitation using STM and the dynamics behind
Maki Kawai

Nano-structured biosensors - An integrated digital biosensor with functional vesicle using oriented nanoWell array electrode
Tomoji Kawai

Magnetism of atomic-scale nanostructures
Klaus Kern

Complex surfaces using synchrotron radiation limits of submicrometer materials analysis
Maya Kiskinova

Flow phenomena of spacecraft in the re-entry phase
Georg Koppenwallner

Application of titanium materials to vacuum chambers and components
Hiroki Kurisu

Surface morphology, surface composition and outgassing behaviour of vacuum fired stainless steel
Manfred Leisch

Interaction of water with surfaces: relevance to technical surfaces in vacuum
Theodore Madey
United States

Development of new antimony-based heterostructures for electronic devices
R. Magno
United States

Modelling thin film growth of transition metal nitrides
Stijn Mahieu

Nano-education from a European perspective
Ineke Malsch

Quantum geometry and phase extraction in isospectral electronic nanostructures
Hari Manoharan
United States

Adhesion and Wetting in Aqueous Environments
Abraham Marmur

Diamond- a next generation synchrotron radiation facility
Gerhard Materlik
United Kingdom

An ITER-like wall for JET
Guy Matthews
United Kingdom

The STM view of the initial stages of polycrystalline Ag film formation
Thomas Michely

III-V semiconductor nanowires and nanotubes grown by selective area metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
Junichi Motohisa

Hich Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering: Ready for Industrialisation
Wolf-Dieter Münz

Vacuum Technology for ITER
David Murdoch

Plasma operation with high-Z environment
Rudolf Neu

Hydrogen bonding in water: the liquid phase and on surfaces
Anders Nilsson
United States

Exchange bias in nanostructures: at the heart of spintronic devices
Josep Nogues

Monolayer films of hexagonal boron nitride on transition metal surfaces
Juerg Osterwalder

The surface chemistry and reactivity of oxide surfaces: From UHV to atmospheric pressure
Herbert Over

Spin injection characteristics of conducting polymer nanofibers in high magnetic and electric fields
Y. W. Park
Republic of Korea

Designing biological functions in complex nonbiological assemblies
Virgil Percec
United States

Quantum-regime semiconductor heterostructures grown by MBE for OE devices and their industrial exploitation
Markus Pessa

Magnetism in Nano-structured Materials
Earl Ward Plummer
United States

Diffraction with high energy x-rays. Synchrotron instrumentation and nano science
Henning Poulsen

The dance of the domains: excitations and switching in magnetic microstructures studied by x-ray microscopy
Joerg Raabe

Error-controlled multiscale modeling approaches to surface chemistry and catalysis
Karsten Reuter

Plasma-wall interaction: a complex combination of surface processes critical for thermo-nuclear fusion
Joachim Roth

In-situ investigations on the growth of nanowires
Frances M. Ross
United States

The structure of surfaces in equilibrium with gases at near ambient pressures
Miguel Salmeron
United States

Sulfur spectroscopy and the Vasa ship
Magnus Sandstrom

Data collection and management in the semiconductor industry
Bernhard Schimunek

Ultrathin oxides on surfaces
Michael Schmid

Exploring magnetic nanostructures by spin polarized low energy electron microscopy
Andreas Schmid
United States

A comprehensive study of exchange bias
Ivan Schuller
United States

Modeling and calculations of rarefied gas flows: DSMC vs kinetic equation
Felix Sharipov

Angle-resolved photoemission study of complex quantum matter
Zhi-xun Shen
United States

Plasma control for nanoparticle formation and applications
Masaharu Shiratani

Observation of quantized electron accumulation states at the surface of indium nitride
Kevin E. Smith
United States

Catalytic materials and catalysis
Frigyes Solymosi

Mediating emiconductor surface/interface properties by nanochemistry: Selective metallization/passivation and nano-objects
Patrick Soukiassian

Interference and Localization in Epitaxial Graphene
J. A. Stroscio
United States

Manganese oxide nanolayers: Formation of interface- and bulk-type oxide phases
Svetlozar Surnev

Educating the next generation of scientists and engineers: Nanotechnology in the K-16 science curriculum
Aldrin Sweeney
United States

Near-surface characterization of plasma-facing materials in a DT fusion reactor
Tetsuo Tanabe

AFM/STM with sub-Angstrom modulation.
Markus Ternes
United States

Plasma processes to improve Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) conversion efficiency
Anne-Lise Thomann

The jet tokamak operational limits and design modification control
Thomas Todd
United Kingdom

High depth resolution SIMS analysis using metal cluster complex ion bombardment
Mitsuhiro Tomita

Spring-8 X-ray Free Electron Laser Project
Tsumoru Shintake

Structural and quantum conductance properties of metal nanowires
Daniel Ugarte

Role of lipid membrane composition on membrane protein activation: lateral pressure profiles through atom-scale simulations
Ilpo Vattulainen

Microelectromechanical sensors for measuring pressure and gas flow
Friedemann Völklein

Plasma processes and technologies at atmospheric pressure
Klaus-Dieter Weltmann

Measuring & controlling plasma-surface interactions of low-Z elements in a Tokamak fusion device
Dennis Whyte
United States

Mapping spin structures on the atomic scale
Roland Wiesendanger

Metal-insulator transition of doped Si(111)-7x7 surface
Xudong Xiao
Hong Kong

What is the smallest volume into which light can be focused, efficiently?
Eli Yablonovitch
United States

Metallic atomic wires on silicon surfaces; phase transition and beyond
Han Woong Yeom
Republic of Korea

Giant tunneling magnetoresistance in MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions and its applications to spintronic devices
Shinji Yuasa

The vacuum system of the european x-Ray free electron laser XFEL
Kirsten Zapfe

In situ x-ray diffraction study of the initial dealloying of Cu3Au in sulphuric acid
Jorg Zegenhagen

General trends on the properties of M2AC (M = Ti, V, Cr, A = Al, Si, P, S)
Yanchun Zhou




Last update: 27 June 2007